FAITH byHearing: The Best Superheroes Wear Loafers

Not all superheroes wear capes.

Sometimes they wear broad brown, tan and red stripped ties, white dress shirts, dark brown slacks and leather loafers. That was my father’s uniform that day.

Not everyone has a superhero for a father, like me. My dad’s a real live superhero and I’ll prove it to you.

I remember it like it was yesterday. It was a Saturday, or a Friday (the day’s not important). About half past noon or 2:15pm or possibly 4pm (look, the sun was up, that’s all that matters). And it was…1980 or 90 something.

Anyway, we were attending a church summer camp.

My father had just left work (so now that I think about it, it had to be a Friday) and was coming to visit us for a few hours. As we all splashed around in the camp pool my father stood looking and smiling. Delighted that we were delighted. Good fathers delight in their children’s happiness.

At some point, I looked up at my father, seeking his attention as I wanted him to see just how good my splashes were because I could NOT swim (unfortunately, not much has changed). But, at that moment, I noticed him staring into the water. He was staring hard. Really hard. (Laser Eye Powers activated).

Before I knew it, my father was peeling off his disguise. In what seemed like milli-seconds, his brown loafers were off, his tie was loosened and his white dress shirt was tossed aside. He dove into the water like a trained navy seal, slicing through the chlorinated waves like a sharp knife. Down, down, down he went. (Water navigation powers activated.)

Moments later my father, the superhero, resurfaced with a limp brown body in his arms. One, two, maybe three strong slaps on the back and little brown boy was back in action. No CPR required. (Super strength powers activated).

 WHAT A DAY! What a moment! I told you I’d prove it.

 In my vague childhood memory I recall, parents running, a little brown boy gasping, wide-eyed children staring, my father dripping and a collective sigh of relief thanks to my father’s attentive care. He saved a life and it wasn’t even his own child. He saved a life because it was, a life worth saving.

If you ask my father, however, he would probably say he hardly remembers the incident at all. 


Some of you may know where I am going with this. You know that God does this for us right? God does this for us, ALL of the time. God keeps a watchful eye for the many many many MANY moments that we find ourselves flailing for our lives. Drowning in a sea of our tears, clinging to the rigid cliffs of our missteps, suffocating under the burdens of our choices….God save us because…even when we refuse to claim God, God claims us. And to God, we are worth saving.

God dives, God climbs, God breathes new breath into our limp bodies and restores us. Nothing can separate from the love of God.

I wonder what color loafers God wears…

Now I know that the LORD saves His anointed; He will answer him from His holy heaven with the saving strength of His right hand. Psalm 20:6

My prayer today is that we never find ourselves outside of God’s saving grace.

Dr. Monique Williams