Who made the mountains, who made the trees?

Who made the rivers, that flow out to the seas?

And who made the rain when the earth is dry?

Somebody bigger than you and I.

(Somebody Bigger than you and I, Mahalia Jackson, Elvis Pressley and Whitney Houston)

The moment came, right on cue, just as it had dozens of times before. Her face lit up softly and gradually like the way the sun peaks over the horizon, bit by bit. Her breath taken, eyes widened, face brightened, shoulders lift to touch her ears, hands over mouth and she screeches, “BAAAABE!!!” in the key of A for Absolutely Astonished. He got her again, my brother surprised his fiancé with tickets to see Michelle Obama and this time I was a co-conspirator just as I was exactly a year ago today at their moment of engagement. He always finds ways to rope me in to his acts of love and I am more than happy to oblige.

What I love even more than knowing that my brother is such a thoughtful giver and affectionate partner is that she adores it all. She is enamored by his efforts and astounded by his labors. Not all of his surprises are as momentous as his intricately orchestrated proposal, but her earth is ALWAY shaken (in the best way).

Every. Single. Time.

And it is remarkable to witness. Almost as remarkable as witnessing the fingerprint of God on the earth. When I consider the splendor of mountains, the winding majesty of rivers and streams, the daunting magnificence of undiscovered ocean depths, the impossible number of stars in the cosmos, the universe that resides in you, there goes the sun, peaking over the horizon…my breath is taken, my eyes widen, my face brightens, arms lifted above my head, hands over heart I can not help but explain, ((Speechless Wonder))).

What a waste of God’s labors and the earth’s grandeur would be if we failed to simply pay attention.

May we never allow a moment to go by without celebrating the move of God on earth and the presence of God in us.

Dr. Monique Williams